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Windows 10 God Mode (FAQ)

Would you like to have all your Windows 10 settings and configurations in one tidy place? Read more to learn how.

The Definitive Guide to Windows 10 Update

In this guide, we're going to understand what the Windows 10 update is all about, how to disable the automatic updates, perform manual updates, update or reinstall drivers, etc.

The Definitive Guide to Windows DNS

This guide provides a comprehensive answer to your frequently asked questions on DNS, DNS cache, general Windows 10 DNS configurations, and DNS server errors. Read on to learn more.

Microsoft Defender Review (2020)

While there are a lot of antivirus programs, Microsoft Defender seems to be making a significant difference with functions and features which I’ll discuss below.

How to check if your Windows 10 License is Genuine

Study suggests that 37% of every software product installed on personal computers is unlicensed. Are you sure your Windows 10 is genuine? Read on to find out.