Windows 10 Version 1909 Review

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On November 12, 2019, Microsoft revealed the latest version of the Windows 10 operating system (Windows 10 version 1909), codenamed 19H2. The upgraded OS is the latest, smallest, and quickest update from the Windows 10 series. In this article, I will be putting you through some of the coolest features found in the newest Windows version.

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Features of Windows 10 Version 1909

The new Microsoft Windows 10 Version 1909 has certain features that set it paces ahead of its predecessors. Some of the features are outlined below:

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A Less Disruptive Update

Windows 10 Version 1909 is relatively small. Compared to previous versions, this new version is smaller in size, thereby making the installation process faster and less cumbersome. This makes it a good option for users with limited data allotment.

Online Search in File Explorer

With 19H2, there is a refined experience for users when using the search box. When you search a keyword, search results are displayed from your local drive as well as your OneDrive account, unlike previous versions which only displayed files resident in the local drive.

It does not end there! You can as well right-click on any of the results to check out the file's location. Furthermore, you can also use the Classic Search by pressing the "ENTER" button on your keyboard.

Other Voice Assistants on the Lock Screen

Okay, so you need some ease operating your system? Here is 19H2 to the aid. While previous versions featured only Cortana, other handy Voice Assistants can be made to function on Windows 10’s lock screen in the new version. Fans with a dislike for Cortana will definitely be happy with this one.

Calendar Event Creation from the Taskbar

For the fans of the Windows 10 calendar application, this is an easier way to set your schedule. Also, those who have never tried it can try out this time-managing feature. The software allows users to create calendar events from the taskbar. 

Improvements in the Notification Management
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In addition to the previously noted features, the new update has made notification management much easier. Unlike previous versions, it is now possible for users to mute individual application sounds.

Start Menu Modification

The slight changes and tweaks in the Start menu make it more user-friendly. With 19H2, whenever a user checks through bars or navigation panes located at the left side of the menu, they expand and display options to be clicked on.

How to upgrade to Windows 10

Upgrading to the new Windows 10 Version 1909 is quite easy. The steps are outlined below:

i) Be sure you have a working internet connection.

ii) Go to Settings.

iii) Click on Update and Security.

iv) Click on "Check for Updates" on the next screen.

v) You’ll get a notification informing you of the available updates. Click on "Download and Install now".

vi) Wait while your package downloads install and get itself ready for use.


The new Microsoft Windows 10 Version 1909 is best said to consist of tweaked features to enhance users' satisfaction, improve performance as well as enhance quality. 1909 is expected to serve its aim and purpose - giving comfort to users.

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